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December 29, 2012

Sandy Hook opportunists: Meet the two worst people ever

  • awful Jonathan Lee Riches, a convicted felon infamous for filing thousands of frivolous lawsuits in an effort to screw with the legal system, was arrested recently after violating his parole. Riches went out of state and pretended to be the brother of Adam Lanza, even showing up in a photo run by the New York Daily News grieving in front of a memorial. Wow. Classy.
  • awfuler On an equally messed-up scale, the FBI arrested a New York woman named Nouel Alba on Thursday on the suspicion that she pretended to be the aunt of a Sandy Hook victim,  and used her made-up status to solicit “federal funds.” The actual uncle of Noah Pozner, Alexis Haller, had this to say: “I’m disgusted by it. I think it’s disgusting behavior.” Agreed.
14:16 // 1 year ago