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April 11, 2014
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April 4, 2013
I’m not going to rule out anything right now.
Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott ”bqhatevwr” Brown • Suggesting that a senate run in New Hampshire was a real possibility for him. He made the statement in the Granite State homestead of Nashua—the first of four visits to the state in the next five weeks. Current Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is up for reelection in 2014. source
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November 27, 2012
Republicans in New Hampshire’s state legislature have called for the first elected transgender official in the state – and the nation – to step down in light of a newspaper article that revealed her criminal past. Stacie Marie Laughton, a Democrat, made history this month when she was elected to a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives from Hillsborough County, which includes Nashua. But a story in the Laconia Daily Sun revealed that Laughton was a convicted felon who served more than four months in jail for ”conspiracy to commit credit card fraud” in 2008.
First Transgender Elected to Office Asked to Resign Over Past Conviction - ABC News (via firthofforth)

Next sentence is key: “Candidates can run for office in New Hampshire after they’ve been convicted of a felony as long as they are not incarcerated and have completed any court-ordered sentence, according to the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Office.” She doesn’t have to do anything if she doesn’t want to.

(via firthofforth)

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March 21, 2012
People have come up to me and said it’s changed my whole life. They’ve told me it has made me feel good again and not like a second or third class citizen. I haven’t heard anyone come up to me saying that it’s hurt my own marriage.
New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch • Discussing the efforts to repeal gay marriage in the state’s legislature, which legislators are expected to vote on soon. The legislation, sponsored by Republican state Rep. David Bates, would keep 1,906 current marriages legal but bar any future ones, limiting the definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Lynch has promised to veto any law outlawing gay marriage.
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January 10, 2012
Some people want their freedom to practice their religious one way, maybe another way. Some might not even want to practice it at all. But freedom, if you understand it, you should all fight for freedom, because you want to exert your freedom the way you want…[People] say, how are you going to compromise and give up some of your beliefs in order to get some things passed? You don’t have to compromise. What you have to do is emphasize the coalitions that people want their freedoms for a different reason and bring them together.
Ron Paul • In his New Hampshire speech tonight. What’s notable here isn’t that Ron Paul is talking about liberty. What’s notable is that, in his tactical assessment of how to win supporters over to a movement, Paul sounds a whole lot more like a political theorist than a politician. The advice Paul is giving is very pragmatic—if you want to get people to support a cause, you must illustrate to them how they will benefit from the triumph of that cause. Of course, politicians use this technique all the time (the PATRIOT act, etc), but they rarely articulate that that’s what they’re doing. Paul is speaking in much more academic—and honest—terms than politicians normally do (with the possible exception of Newt Gingrich, though, to borrow a joke from Lewis Black, Newt is to academics what KFC is to chicken). If nothing else, it’s refreshing.  source (viafollow)
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Did you miss Ron Paul’s lively speech tonight? Here is the full video


Great work, Newshour. We’ve been wondering why Howard Dean started trending on Twitter tonight. It’s somewhere in this video.

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John Sununu is the best part of MSNBC’s New Hampshire coverage.

"There’s a technical term for that. It’s a crock of crap.” Ahahahahaha I love this guy. Way more fun than Pat Buchanan.

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We also have this constant denigration of “what Europe has become”. Does Romney know that unemployment in Germany is 5.5 percent? Or is all this just abstract @(&!((!7?
Andrew Sullivan goes after Mitt’s criticisms of Europe in his New Hampshire victory speech tonight.
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Mitt Romney might hit right around the average for New Hampshire winners

  • 39% the average percentage the NH primary winner gets source

» That’s according to Nate Silver: Silver crunched the numbers and did the math, and the average non-incumbent winner of the New Hampshire primary wins roughly 39 percent of the vote. Silver has Romney getting right around 39 percent. “If Mitt Romney stays close to our forecast and gets about 39 percent of the vote in New Hampshire tonight, his performance will be highly typical for the winner of the primary,” Silver writes.

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