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January 7, 2013
The results of this study point to the fact that the father’s mental health represents a risk factor for child development, whereas the traditional view has been that this risk in large is represented by the mother. The father’s mental health should therefore be addressed both in research and clinical practice.
Anne Lise Kvalevaag, leading researcher and a doctoral candidate in psychology at the University of Bergen in Norway • Discussing a study of over 31,000 children and families in Norway, which showed that the children who had the most emotional issues at age 3 were the ones whose dads were the most distressed. ”The prenatal mental state of the father is likely to predict the postnatal mental health of the father and this may also account for some of the associations found,” said Kvalevaag. Chill out, soon-to-be dads! It’ll be better for everyone.
22:56 // 1 year ago