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July 5, 2014
15:45 // 3 months ago
March 5, 2011

Protip to Monks in Bhutan: Don’t carry any tobacco whatsoever

  • one 23-year-old monk living in the Himalayan Kingdom of in Bhutan
  • $3 worth of tobacco (well, roughly) in Sonam Tshering’s possession
  • three years in jail for being caught with said tobacco … wow source

» Yes, it’s illegal: Bhutan banned the practice of smoking in the country way back in 2005, and last year tightened the grip further by working to prevent smuggling. For his part, Tshering, who was in tears after the ruling, says that he should have been punished, but “but the penalty could have been lighter. I wasn’t aware about the act.”

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15:07 // 3 years ago