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October 22, 2012
It’s absolutely the right thing to do to put in place crippling sanctions. …I would tighten those sanctions.
Mitt Romney, ceding that the Obama administration has imposed “crippling” sanctions on Iran, but insisting he’d make them even more crippling. If there’s one thing that’s clear in our current foreign policy discourse, it’s that both sides are keen on continuing policies against Iran that have had a profoundly deleterious effect on their economy.
21:52 // 1 year ago
Romney: “A military action is a last resort.”

Romney: “A military action is a last resort.”

21:51 // 1 year ago
Keep in mind that military spending has gone up every year I’ve been in office. We spend more than the next ten countries combined… what you can’t do is spend 2 trillion dollars in additional spending the military isn’t asking for, 5 trillion in tax cuts… and then somehow you’re going to cut the deficit with what we have left. The math doesn’t work.
President Obama, taking the opportunity of a question on military spending to again veer the topic towards something a little more domestic, and one of his more effective attacks on the Romney economic plan — his additional trillions proposed in expenditures, tax cuts, and pledge to cut the deficit and debt nonetheless.
21:45 // 1 year ago
Romney is 2 for 3 on derailing debates.

Romney is 2 for 3 on derailing debates.

21:43 // 1 year ago
Let’s get back to foreign policy, can we…?
Moderator Bob Schieffer, who has been pretty hands-off so far in his handling of the candidates, leading to a shocking amount of drift from the debate’s ostensible topic: foreign policy. Romney and Obama have been speaking about debt, economics, and education for the last ten minutes or so, and after Schieffer’s intervention the pair steamrolled him for a further exchange on education.
21:40 // 1 year ago
I will not cut our military budget.
Mitt Romney, standing against the defense cuts proposed by President Obama, which are approved of in some military circles, as well as by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
21:34 // 1 year ago
He doesn’t have different ideas, because we’re doing exactly what we should be doing [in Syria].
President Obama, trying to turn the areas that he and Mitt Romney agree on into a validation of his own policies. He also mentioned Romney’s support of the Libyan intervention, a rare moment of deference to his opponent’s judgment.
21:26 // 1 year ago
I’m confident that Assad’s days are numbered.
Barack Obama, speaking on Syria. He condemned Mitt Romney’s stance on arming the Syrian rebels, specifically “the idea that we should deliver heavy weaponry to the free Syrian army” without being certain of their intentions and membership.
21:20 // 1 year ago
A few months ago, when you were asked who was America’s biggest geopolitical threat, you said Russia. Not al-Qaeda…you want to go back to the foreign policy of the 1980s… every time you’ve weighed in on foreign policy, you’ve been wrong.
President Obama, in the course of a litany of attacks on Mitt Romney’s foreign policy proposals. Obama is clearly swinging a heavy stick so far, asserting his role as authority and Commander-in-Chief over Romney. He repeatedly referenced Romney’s inexperience on foreign policy matters. In layman’s terms, he’s trying to bigfoot Romney. Whether it works is yet unclear; Romney has been fairly adroit at deflecting such barbs in the past.
21:16 // 1 year ago
With the arab spring came a great deal of hope there’d be a change towards greater moderation… but instead we’ve seen, in nation after nation, a series of disturbing events.
Mitt Romney, opening up the third and final presidential debate by attacking the Obama administration’s Mid East policies. Of note, the first example he gave of disturbing lack of moderation in Arab Spring states was Syria, and the deaths therein, but Syria has not actually attained a new government as have Tunisia and Egypt.
21:08 // 1 year ago