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November 2, 2010

Democrats go down! Three races where incumbents fell flat

  • Perriello Tom Perriello was able to get Obama to rally for him last weekend, but he lost anyway. Guess that isn’t worth much.
  • Grayson Alan Grayson, the controversial hard-left “die quickly” congressman, won’t be returning for a second term.
  • Boucher Longtime Rep. Rick Boucher's vote on cap-and-trade seems to have done him in. He lost in his Virginia race.
20:52 // 3 years ago

Midterms: Rand Paul wins, and he deserves respect for his win

Dear Rand Paul: Congratulations. Sincerely. You ran a better campaign than your opponent, and eventually you got past your gaffes to win in Kentucky without much trouble at all. While you’ll remain controversial to many for your small-government-heavy views, you didn’t win tonight in spite of your views. You won because you beat your opponent (see: Aqua Buddah). Sure, we had our beefs with some of your views, but as the campaign worked towards the end, we found ourselves actually respecting you a little. The way your campaign handled the head-stomper proved you’re past the point of gaffes. So, tonight, as the left accepts its fate, we’ll see more candidates lose. But let it be on the record that Rand Paul earned his victory tonight. source

20:07 // 3 years ago

Today’s midterms already broke a pretty major record

  • 16 million early ballots already cast before the day started source

» And possibly an all-time record, too: The tally of early ballots looks to get very close to 2008’s record. Will it top it? Either way, it’s a record for a midterm election.

9:44 // 3 years ago
Just as the conditions promising at least a pretty bad Democratic year have been with us for some time, the uncertainty has been with us all along as well, like a virus with an exceptionally long latency period; on Tuesday, we’ll see which of the polls it has infected.
FiveThirtyEight guy Nate Silver • Offering a key piece of final analysis that we should probably take into the elections today. While the polls have largely remained consistent about how many seats the Democrats will lose and the Republicans will gain, it’s good to keep at least a little bit of perspective no matter how you lean. Remember, back in 1994 the analysts were relatively consistent too, but in the end, the Republicans did way better than most of them expected – by a long shot. No matter the case, you should probably get out there and vote your heart out for both the ballot measures and the candidates – unless you live in DC and know the results of every election already. We’ll have lots of key results from our non-existent glass-enclosed nerve center at a late-night coffee shop in Dupont Circle tomorrow night. source (via)
1:22 // 3 years ago
November 1, 2010
We have to understand they’re not saying ‘Hey, we love you Republicans,’ but, ‘We’re not satisfied with this and will give you guys a chance.’
Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour • Explaining his reasoning of why the GOP will probably win big tomorrow: They’ll win in spite of themselves. The divisions this country has fostered over the last two years totally hint at it, and it’s something that GOP-leaning pollster Scott Rasmussen agrees with Barbour on: This election is a referendum on the Democrats, not a show of support to the Republicans. They have to earn it. source (via)
11:08 // 3 years ago
October 4, 2010

Why can’t Harry Reid shake Sharron Angle in Nevada, anyway?

  • 42% Sharron Angle’s current polling in Nevada
  • 41% Harry Reid’s polling in the state; it’s kind of a statistical dead heat
  • 17% of voters hold Reid’s political future in the balance source

» Oh, and it gets worse for Reid: See, the Las Vegas Review-Journal just gave Angle a big endorsement over Reid, throwing some harsh words at the Senate Majority Leader in the process: “As he has climbed higher and higher in the Democratic hierarchy, he has veered further and further to the left, becoming politically disconnected from Nevada and its residents.” This is bad news for Reid, but will it be enough to hurt Harry’s ability to win?

10:47 // 4 years ago
October 3, 2010

Newsweek thinks that “angry voters” are pretty overhyped

  • 23% of all voters describe themselves as “angry”
  • 42% support the pretty darn angry Tea Party
  • 52% of angry voters identify as Republicans
  • 14% are Democrats; 29 percent are indies source

» Other things to note: Is this just a hype issue? That’s Newsweek’s conclusion. They say that the chances of angry voters voting in the 2010 elections is roughly the same as normal voters, and there’s a lot more of those. And they note that Obama’s approval rating, currently at 48 percent. is way above where both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were during their 2006 and 1994 midterms, respectively.

20:24 // 4 years ago