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November 1, 2012
I’ve never met anyone in my life who is conniving and dishonest as this guy. He’s my brother so it’s hard to talk about this, but I believe that if he gets elected, he’ll eventually serve time in prison.

The brother of GOP congressional candidate Kerry Bentivolio. This would be an incendiary thing for even a fleeting associate to say about a candidate, let alone a family member, but it’s not the oddest thing to come out of the race for Michigan’s 11th congressional district. A former schoolteacher, Bentivolio was accused of grabbing children’s desks and screaming at them, telling students of his goal to “make each of you cry at least once,” and admitting to a class that they “are just a paycheck to me.” According to his brother, he owes $20,000 in a botched housing deal; Bentivolio responded to accusation by asking the FBI to investigate his brother (so he says; the FBI hasn’t confirmed that it’s doing any investigating into the matter). Bentivolio, who once said that he “has a problem” determining whether or not he’s actually Santa Claus, is currently polling 8 points ahead of his Democratic opponent. source

—Seth @ ShortFormBlog

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