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May 13, 2012

Northern Mexico: Dozens of bodies found in gruesome scene

  • 49 bodies discovered along a highway near U.S. border source

» Drug gang conflicts escalate: Officials have not yet stated whether the victims (most of whom were found decapitated/mutilated) were members of rival drug gangs or were even U.S.-bound immigrants; a banner found at the site of the bodies’ drop-off indicated that this was the work of the Zetas drug cartel. In 2011, 193 bodies were found in mass graves; so far this year, including this incident, around 104 bodies have reportedly been found.

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17:21 // 2 years ago
October 9, 2011
Clearly, he knew when he said he didn’t know. Now the question is what did he know and how is he going to explain why he gave that answer.
Rep. Darrell Issa • Asking on “Fox News Sunday” why Attorney General Eric Holder gave Issa, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman, a seemingly false answer on his knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious, a failed gun-tracking program. The program has since been tied to numerous murders in the U.S. and Mexico — and the results of which are still showing up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. Issa wants answers. ”People at the top of (the) Justice (Department) were well briefed, knew about it and seemed to be the command and control and funding for this program,” he claimed. Holder told him during a May Judiciary Committee hearing that he had only known about the program for a few weeks — an answer which doesn’t please Issa, and may lead to him issuing subpoenas to the Justice Department later this week. source (viafollow)
21:15 // 3 years ago