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May 26, 2012
Without carbon, the building blocks of life cannot exist… So it is reduced carbon that, with hydrogen, with oxygen, with nitrogen make up the organic molecules of life. This research shows, yes - it does exist on Mars and now we are moving to the next set of questions. What happened to it, what was its fate, did it take the next step of creating life on Mars?
Research team leader Dr. Andrew Steele • Giving comment on the findings of he and his team (from the Carnegie Institution for Science), who were investigating the presence of carbon on the planet Mars. Their efforts yielded worthy and interesting results — they determined that, based on meteorite samples, Mars indeed has carbon on it that was not “contaminated” to the planet through Earth, but rather originated there. They determined that the carbon did not spring from life forms, however — this is a so-called -building block’ for life, not a byproduct of it. source (viafollow)
15:03 // 2 years ago