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August 23, 2011
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March 18, 2011

More on American nuclear plants and fault lines


Hello, my name is Green and I’m a geology major. 

Cons: From what I’ve read, the safety concerns of the reactors are legitimate.  Mark 1 does have some problems.

Pros: At the very least, when reactors are built near/on fault zones, they are usually built to withstand the earthquakes.  However - that can only do so much when there is a problem with the design of the REACTOR itself.

My opinion - we need to work on the reactors themselves - building near a fault is not necessarily a huge problem (I wouldn’t recommend it, but it can be managed if done properly). 

SO BASICALLY the country needs to take a look at how they manage funds and put some money used for *ahem* other things lol wars into

1. Upgrading our nuclear power plants

2. Using geothermal energy (Lol check out the Snake River Valley in Idahoooo)

3. Using more Solar/Wind power.

Put you know this will be a fucking huge fight because there are people who don’t want certain OTHER energy industries to fall.

End science rant/

Great commentary on our original graphic.

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