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November 29, 2011

Jon v. Jon: Stewart blows up Huntsman.

This is the best co-opting of a Twitter hashtag ever.



This is the best co-opting of a Twitter hashtag ever.

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September 19, 2011

Two modern classics win big — again: With the lovably wry Jane Lynch at the helm, the Emmys proved both entertaining and greatly rewarding to TV fans who have been in a bit of a television renaissance in recent years. The Emmys themselves haven’t been doing so great lately, but Lynch’s performance may be just the kick in the pants the show needed, with small touches proving as memorable as the recorded skits (above is one of those, the intro skit). The two biggest awards went to shows with differing routes to the top — both perennial winners, but one bagged way more awards. “Mad Men” won just one award (for Best Drama Series), while “Modern Family” won five (Best Comedy Series, both supporting actor comedy awards, Best Directing and Best Writing). Other highlights:

  • winners Some highlights: “Friday Night Lights,” which ended its run this year, won two awards, and “Masterpiece” miniseries “Downton Abbey” scored four. Meanwhile, “The Daily Show” won for Best Variety Show for a record ninth year. Whoa.
  • surprises The maligned miniseries “The Kennedys” won an award for Barry Pepper’s Bobby Kennedy; it was so unexpected that he skipped the show. And Melissa McCarthy, on a hot streak, won Best Comedy Actress for her “Mike and Molly” role.
  • losers Sadly, Steve Carell goes his entire stint as star of “The Office” without a single Emmy. And critical all-star “Boardwalk Empire” only scored a single award tonight — for Martin Scorsese’s direction — despite many nominations. source

» The best highlight? Not even on the show: The opening clip we posted above could’ve been even better if Fox hadn’t put the kibosh on it. See, it originally starred Alec Baldwin, and had a plot that made light of News Corp.’s phone-hacking scandal. They had to ditch it at the last minute, proving one thing: In a pinch, Leonard Nimoy makes a passable Alec Baldwin.

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March 31, 2011

AMC, Matt Weiner agree to new deal

  • $30 million for Mad Men creator Matt Weiner in new deal source

» Patching things up: Weiner and AMC had been butting heads over some rather unglamorous specifics of the award-winning show, the sorts of arguments that chill the blood of television fans. AMC had wanted to reduce the production budget by shaving two minutes off the running time of each episode, as well as killing off characters to save on the actor’s pay, which is a pretty brazen demand to make in an artistic sense. As the compromise stands, all but the first and last episode will be two minutes shorter, but character deaths won’t be mandated by management.

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