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November 16, 2012
Most of it was pretty worthless.
An aide to former GOP Senator George Allen, criticizing the Romney campaign’s efforts in Virginia. Allen ran for his old seat this cycle; his campaign predicted that an effective VA operation by the Romney camp would put Allen over the finish line. That didn’t happen; Allen ultimately lost to former governor Tim Kaine. The aide in question also blamed outside advertising for Allen’s loss: “Well over half [the interest group ads] weren’t on our message, weren’t on our points we tried to convey and they weren’t well-done.” source
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February 9, 2011

Jim Webb won’t seek re-election; Virginia Democrats start worrying

  • NO Sen. Jim Webb won’t run for re-election in 2012 source

» Why this matters: Webb, a Demcorat, snatched George “Macaca” Allen’s Virginia Senate seat in 2006 by a razor-thin margin. Now, Allen’s running to get his old job back, and had perhaps hoped for a rematch with his past foe. But it ain’t gonna happen, according to a statement released by Webb. Thing is, Democrats don’t have too many other promising Senate prospects in Virginia; their next best bet would probably be DNC chair and former Governor Tim Kaine. But Kaine doesn’t seem to keen on a Senate run, so Democrats may need to either find another viable candidate, or lose Virginia and greet Macaca back into the Senate. Fun fact: Prior to becoming a Senator, Webb helped write the hit 2000 film “Rules of Engagement;” a clue to his future plans, perhaps?

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