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May 9, 2012
That the president has chosen today, when LGBT Americans are mourning the passage of Amendment One, to finally speak up for marriage equality is offensive and callous.
Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper • In a statement released late Wednesday afternoon, condemning President Obama for what they perceived as manipulation of the LGBT community. “Log Cabin Republicans appreciate that President Obama has finally come in line with leaders like Vice President Dick Cheney on this issue,” said Cooper, adding, “this calculated announcement comes too late to be of any use to the people of North Carolina, or any of the other states that have addressed this issue on his watch.” source (viafollow)
16:43 // 2 years ago
November 5, 2010

Preliminary “Don’t Ask” ruling winds its way to Supreme Court

  • federal A federal judge in California ruled the military’s controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy unconstitutional; Obama then appeals.
  • appeals After the appeal was filed, the 9th Circuit ruled that the policy should stay in place while the case goes to trial – a win for the Pentagon.
  • supreme The Log Cabin Republicans have now appealed that decision to the Supreme Court in hopes of getting it overturned again. source
21:08 // 3 years ago
October 12, 2010

Breaking: Federal Judge issues injunction against DADT

a federal judge in Riverside, CA has issued a nationwide injunction against the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The ruling is the result of a lawsuit filed by the Log Cabin Republicans, and once the injunction takes effect, enforcement of the policy will be halted. The Department of Justice has sixty days to appeal the ruling; however, they are not obligated to do so. They may just let it stand, as that would allow the Obama administration to claim a civil rights victory whilst side-stepping Congress and the military. Anyway, this is a big deal! source

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