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February 9, 2013
Maker’s Mark just got a little less stiff. The bourbon brand, known for its bottles sealed with red wax, told customers today that it’s reducing the amount of alcohol in the beverage in order to meet rising global demand.

Maker’s Mark waters down its bourbon to meet rising demand (via evangotlib)

Wait what.

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Free headline for news outlets looking to aggregate this story: “‘Makers’ off the Mark: Famed Bourbon Loses its Kick”

(via notnadia)

19:02 // 1 year ago
September 26, 2012

Yikes: Czech Republic dealing with tainted liquor scare

  • cause Earlier this month, reports started surfacing about a bootlegged variety of alcohol that was responsible for killing at least 26 people in the Czech Republic.
  • reaction The country, in a bold move, chose to ban the sale of hard liquor as it tried to nail down the source. Some distilleries shut down in response to the order.
  • result After a search, the country figured out what it was — cheap rum and vodka that had been mixed with the industrial chemical methanol. At least ten people have been arrested and 5,000 gallons of the tainted drink have been found. The country has partially lifted the ban, but at least 30 people are still in the hospital for methanol poisoning and police are still on the hunt for tainted bottles. source
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