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December 11, 2012



Union supporters attempt to blockade the Romney building, home to Michigan governor Rick Snyder’s office, in downtown Lansing across the street from the Michigan State Capitol to protest new Right to Work legislation. Calls of “Nobody in, Nobody out!” rang out after the buildings doors were closed and State and Lansing police took up position around other entrances to the building.

Union organizers inflated “rat” effigies of the Michigan politicians behind the new Right to Work legislation in Lansing on 12/11/12.


Labor supporters cover their faces and move back after Michigan State Police used pepper spray to push back protesters from the entrance and first story windows around the Michigan State Capitol during a protest of new Right to Work legislation. — with Brian Laskowski in Lansing, MI.

Photographer Brian Laskowski sends along these shots from the Michigan Right to Work protests, which he covered in person.

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