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December 26, 2012
I’m not saying I was always right. I’ll leave that to God and history. But I believed I was doing what I thought was right and people didn’t just disagree with me. There was hatred. But I’m not alone in that. You can take the last three presidents — Clinton, Bush, Obama — and people haven’t just disagreed with them, they’ve hated them. And to me, that’s really terrible. That’s a cancer that’s eating at our politics.
Joe Lieberman • Discussing the hatred he’s seen during his time in the Senate, especially in recent years. He should know, he was there, hated by many of the same folks that hated any (or all) of the above presidents. Lieberman, who entered the Senate a Democrat but leaves an Independent, spent 24 years representing Connecticut, and even got thisclose to being a vice president in 2000. No matter your feelings on Joe, he’s probably right on this point.
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January 20, 2011

Why have Obama’s approval ratings skyrocketed?

  • 8% jump in Obama’s approval ratings since December

The question is, why? It feels like only yesterday that oil was spewing wildly throughout the Gulf Coast, Democrats were getting shellacked in the midterms, and prognosticators were foretelling of a one-term Obama presidency (well, okay, that’s still happening). But the President’s favorability ratings have been surging recently, up to the highest levels since July of ‘09. We have three theories as to why.

  • The lame duck session It was controversial to some, but for many Americans, the lame duck session was the first time they got to see members of Congress acting in a truly bipartisan manner. The President took an active role in this, hammering out compromises with GOP leadership. The result was one of the most productive lame duck sessions in our nation’s history. Also, nobody’s taxes went up.
  • A divided government In other words, the Republicans taking back the House. When one party controls the White House, the Senate, and the House, it’s easy to uniformly hate that party for the country’s problems. But with things a little more evenly divided, the President is getting some slack. It’s not necessarily a well-founded reason for liking the President more, but it’s likely a factor.
  • The Tuscon shootingOkay, okay. We didn’t want to say it, but it’s true: After national tragedies, especially those with a human face, people tend to coalesce around the President. It happened with Bush after 9/11, and it’s happening now. Combine this with a wildly popular speech a few days after the shooting, and you have the recipe for surging approval ratings. source

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December 19, 2010

FYI: The 20th Amendment was meant to stop lame-duck sessions

  • problem Throughout history, Congress has actually tried to get things done during lame-duck sessions, which was always controversial.
  • solution The Depression-era 20th Amendment changed the end date of Congress from March to early January to stop lame-duck sessions.
  • problem The amendment, however, didn’t account for the proliferation of airplane travel – meaning that Congress could meet in December. source
21:22 // 3 years ago
If you really want to have a chance of passing START, you better start over and do it in the next Congress, because this lame duck has been poisoned.
Sen. Lindsey Graham • Trying to make an argument that Congress shouldn’t be working on passing the START treaty right now because it’s a lame-duck Congress. WAITWAITWAITWAITWAIT. Are you sure this duck is really all that lame? Seems like they’ve gotten a lot of stuff done in just a couple of weeks. A tax compromise. A major food-safety bill. A repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” a piece of major social legislation … and a bunch of other stuff. Now, Lindsey Graham is one of the more level-headed Republicans in the Senate, but this just feels like a different spin on the whole “it’s Christmas” argument his South Carolina counterpart, Jim DeMint, was trying to pass off last week. Stop whining guys; it’ll be a lot less painful when it’s over. source (viafollow)
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December 16, 2010

Senator’s cancer scare throws wrench into Democrats’ legislative plans

  • bad Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon announced today that he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • goodThanks to early detection, he’s probably going to make a full recovery. We’re glad to hear it, Ron!
  • uncertainHe’ll have to miss some votes to get surgery, making it that much harder for Senate Dems to pass anything. source
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December 2, 2010

Oh Alan … Lame Duck congressman Alan Grayson decided to make the most of his last month in office by calling out every single GOP loudmouth he could think of on the floor of Congress today, pointing out that all of them stand to gain by extending the Bush tax cuts – many of them in seven figures. Best bit: Noting that George W. Bush will make over $100,000 from his own tax cuts. This oughta get a lot of play on Fox News tomorrow morning. source

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