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May 18, 2011

Wannabe Rep. Dan Adler really wanted to go viral. The Democratic entertainment exec, who is gunning for Jane Harman’s vacated seat in an election whose primary took place Tuesday, has released dozens of clips on his official YouTube channel in an attempt to go viral. Clips featuring his son saying the word “shit.” Clips with Adler sitting on a donkey’s ass. Clips featuring celebrities like Sean Astin and Patty Duke (since this is an L.A.-based district). But the clip above, where he talks to a couple of Korean-Americans about he’s just like them and how they should “stick together” — an ill-advised racial approach which has brought hellfire and brimstone, along with a bizarre endorsement from Glenn Beck of all people — was the one that actually did. (Yeah, he’s probably gonna lose this primary … badly.) source

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