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January 1, 2014
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May 19, 2013
There were no other competing bids, despite reports, to snap up the New York-based hipster blogging service.
Kara Swisher needs to stop calling Tumblr a hipster blogging service. (Oh, and she says the deal was unanimously approved. On a side note, TechCrunch suggests that the reason why Tumblr accepted the lower deal is because many of their executives have departed in recent months.)
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May 30, 2012
Steve was a genius and a visionary, and I’ve never viewed that my role was to replace him. Steve was an original. I’ve never really felt the weight of trying to be Steve. It’s not my goal in life. I am who I am. I am focused on that. On being a great CEO of Apple.
Apple CEO Tim Cook • During an interview at the D10 conference on Tuesday night, speaking about his legacy compared to that of Steve Jobs. Cook revealed during the when talking to Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg that, in 1998, after five minutes of talking with Apple, he decided he really wanted to work there — after initially rebuffing them for weeks. While Cook gave a few hints about products — most notably the rumored Apple TV — the really interesting stuff was what he had to say about being an exec. You can read the full recap over here.
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December 5, 2010
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