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April 9, 2011
The GOP has a history of promising, ‘Oh, we will have a vote on this issue.’ That is supposed to mean something? A vote is a joke. We do not elect these people to vote on these issues. We elect them to get something done.
Judson Phillips of the Tea Party Nation doesn’t think we elect Senators and Reps into office to vote on legislation. (via pantslessprogressive)

(via pantslessprogressive)

11:40 // 3 years ago
March 26, 2011
Charlie Sheen still makes more sense than John Boehner, because at least Charlie Sheen is winning.
Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips • Expressing dissatisfaction with the Speaker of the House. A topical comparison, sure, but is it really accurate to say that Charlie Sheen is “winning?” source (viafollow)
15:32 // 3 years ago