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August 29, 2012
Ann Romney … looked to me like a corporate wife. The stories she told about struggles — eh! It’s hard for me to believe. I mean, she’s a very rich woman, and I know that, and America knows that.
Fox News contributor Juan Williams • Following Ann Romney’s Tuesday night speech at the Republican National Convention, widely received in conservative circles as one of the most effective speeches ever delivered by a politician’s wife, during post-speech coverage with fellow hosts Bret Baier, Brit Hume, and Megyn Kelly. Given his history of troublesome rhetoric, his co-hosts gave Williams a chance to explain. When asked by Kelly to clarify his “corporate wife” comments, Williams replied that Mrs. Romney’s clearly did not accurately represent a “tremendous” number of women. “She did not convince me that, ‘You know what, I understand the struggles of American women in general,” added Williams. So, do you think he went too far? source (viafollow)
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February 25, 2012
I feel like we are brothers in understanding what these groups, on the left primarily, decided that you’re not to be allowed to speak. They will banish you and make you an outcast and Pat, I’m sorry that’s happened to you.
Fox News Contributor Juan Williams • Wrapping up an interview with former MSNBC analyst Pat Buchanan, during which the two discussed the repeated charges of racism that Buchanan has faced. In his first interview since being fired by MSNBC, Buchanan staunchly denied all charges of racism. When asked, point-blank, by Williams if he was a racist, Buchanan replied, “Do I hate black folks? That’s what racism mean — that I hate black folks, I want them discriminted against… No!” Watch the unedited interview heresource (viafollow)
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January 6, 2011

The Juan Williams after-effect: NPR shakes up its leadership

  • cause NPR decided to quickly fire news analyst Juan Williams for saying that Muslims made him feel uncomfortable, which drew a lot of controversy and led Fox News to hire him full-time.
  • effect After an investigation into what happened, NPR’s Senior VP for News, Ellen Weiss, resigned, and CEO Vivian Schiller won’t be getting a bonus this year. Them’s the breaks. source
19:52 // 3 years ago
October 23, 2010
I got the impression that [management] felt they had acted rashly and without deliberation. When [Schiller] made the psychiatrist crack, it just made matters much, much worse.
An NPR employee • Discussing the feeling they and many of the other staffers had about Juan Williams’ firing earlier this week. In the wake of the firing, which president Vivian Schiller even admitted was poorly-handled, the radio network is in fear that conservatives will choose not to donate to member stations, or worse, that Republicans in Congress will use the situation as an excuse to cut federal funding to member stations, which are much more reliant on it than the mothership. source (via)
15:58 // 3 years ago
October 21, 2010

Huckabee: We must end this practice that doesn’t exist

  • demand In the wake of Juan Williams’ firing, Mike Huckabee has called for Congress to stop all federal funding of NPR.
  • reality The federal government doesn’t provide any direct funding to NPR. A worthy cause to fight for, Huck! source
21:44 // 3 years ago
It’s not a bigoted statement. I said what I meant to say, that it’s an honest experience. … I have a moment of anxiety, of fear, given what happened on 9/11.
NPR news analyst Juan Williams • Defending his comments on Muslims that got him fired from NPR. He made this comment on Fox News today – and he made his earlier comment (that “people who are in Muslim garb” at the airport make him “nervous”) on “The O’Reilly Factor.” NPR has been getting some harsh rebukes from the right about all this, and we’re going to say, they’re deserved to some degree. It’s obvious what he meant – he still has some lingering post-9/11 fears, even if they’re a bit misguided – and we don’t think they were anywhere near as bad as the comments Rick Sanchez made that got him fired. Sure, they were questionable, but how many people share Williams’ opinion on this? If anything, he’s reflecting a view that isn’t uncommon (as proven by the whole “Ground Zero Mosque” drama), even if it is straight-up racial profiling. source (via)
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