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December 26, 2012
I’m not saying I was always right. I’ll leave that to God and history. But I believed I was doing what I thought was right and people didn’t just disagree with me. There was hatred. But I’m not alone in that. You can take the last three presidents — Clinton, Bush, Obama — and people haven’t just disagreed with them, they’ve hated them. And to me, that’s really terrible. That’s a cancer that’s eating at our politics.
Joe Lieberman • Discussing the hatred he’s seen during his time in the Senate, especially in recent years. He should know, he was there, hated by many of the same folks that hated any (or all) of the above presidents. Lieberman, who entered the Senate a Democrat but leaves an Independent, spent 24 years representing Connecticut, and even got thisclose to being a vice president in 2000. No matter your feelings on Joe, he’s probably right on this point.
22:57 // 1 year ago