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September 10, 2011

Egypt enacts security measures after violence around Israeli embassy

  • three people killed in the attack on the Israeli Embassy in the Cairo suburb of Giza
  • 1,000+ people injured in the incident — a level so high it made us do a double-take
  • 19 people arrested for their alleged roles in the attack, which hurt Egypt-Israeli relations source

» Emergency measures in place: In the wake of the attack, Egypt has enacted measures to speed up the response to the incident — including pushing those arrested through an emergency state security court. The country seems to be doing everything it can to prevent an international crisis over this. ”About 95 percent of the Egyptians are disgusted at the attack on the embassy and any other violence that took place,” noted Hisham Kassem, a veteran editor and publisher in the region. “Even commentators who appeared on channels like Jazeera … who normally have a very anti-Israeli position, were saying, ‘This is wrong. We can’t attack an embassy.’”

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13:15 // 3 years ago
August 20, 2011

Badass flagman of the day: In protest of the Israeli military killing five Egyptians on Thursday, the Israeli embassy has been the scene of a passionate protest today — one with a particularly amazing daredevil moment. See, a man named Ahmed El-Shahat climbed up the Israeli embassy in Cairo and replaced the Israeli flag with an Egyptian one. Which (obviously) met with strong reaction from the crowd. Shine on, you crazy flag man. Shine on.

22:54 // 3 years ago