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July 24, 2012


Armless guitarist George Dennehy plays the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris” with his feet.

Awesome. Though if we were him we would’ve clearly chosen Slide.

13:10 // 2 years ago
February 8, 2012

"Is abortion wrong?": You typically might not think to ask such a heady question of your mobile phone, but if you happen to have Android’s “Iris” (is it good marketing to so obviously reverse the name “Siri?”) you’ll get a strong response. The issue seems to be that Iris is powered by an Ask Jeeves style search engine called ChaCha, which answers user questions with answers from paid freelancers. Meaning that in asking your phone whether abortion is wrong, you’re actually asking an unknown human being – one which might have a strong opinion on the subject. source

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13:56 // 2 years ago