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August 8, 2012

Hit me on my burner


Burner is a new iPhone app that will give you a disposable, short term cell phone number to give to randos at the bar, weirdos on Craigslist, and Marlos on the corner.

Disposable cell numbers certainly seem like they might be used for nefarious activities, but founder & CEO Greg Cohn said these numbers can be used for any number of purposes in the era when a cell number is so closely tied a person’s identity.

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This doesn’t seem like something people would abuse at all.

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June 27, 2012
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June 21, 2012


Tumblr for iPhone 3.0: Now available on the App Store

  • Sleeker Dashboard: High-res images, Spotify support, improved photosets, and more.
  • New post forms: Faster uploads and handy shortcuts (swipe the compose button up for camera, swipe left for text)!
  • Offline support: Post, like, reply, and reblog even when you’re not connected!
  • Speed: Faster, super-responsive interface.
  • Tag search and Radar!

Download the app now.

Rich text support would be nice too, but otherwise a good improvement.

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December 17, 2011
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July 20, 2011

App lets iPhone users see all of your drunken mistakes

A new iPhone app allows you to view real-time video feeds from inside local bars, so you can, in the words of the creators, “see what a venue looks like, to get a head count.” Cool idea, but that means that if you’re in one of said bars, everything you do is being streamed online—whether you know it or not. Bars that opt-in to this aren’t required to tell patrons that they’re being filmed, and the footage is accessible from the company’s website, so it’s not just limited to iPhone users. The creators defend the app’s integrity, saying that “the point of the product is not to make a stalker utility.” Which is a vapid defense, of course, because the intent behind a product has no bearing on the manner in which it’s capable of being used. We suspect Apple might pull this one before too long. source

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