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September 29, 2011

Here’s another good-sounding economic story … with a catch

  • 1.3% the increase in U.S. gross domestic product in the second quarter, based on updated final numbers
  • 0.3% the improvement in that number from the initial estimates from the April-to-June quarter source

» Such evocative language in the source story: But before you get too excited about those three-tenths of one percent, just keep in mind the text that AFP used here: “The better-than-expected figure is unlikely to have a major impact on confidence in the enfeebled US economy, but tints the backdrop in a slight less gloomy hue.”

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10:50 // 3 years ago
January 26, 2011

Housing numbers: Prices, sales on the up-and-up right now

  • 17.5% jump in single-family home sales source

» Oh, and home prices are on the up, too: Good news, everybody. The housing market appears to be improving – home prices are at their highest since April 2008, and sales of single-family units are at their highest in eight months. This is a fundamental suggestion that the recovery seems to be gaining wings. But will it last? It seems like just yesterday we were talking about the anger of a double-dip.

11:17 // 3 years ago
October 28, 2010
10:21 // 3 years ago
October 13, 2010

JPMorgan Chase to Wall Street: Bad quarter? Pssh… whatever.

  • 23% increase in 3Q income for the massive banker source
10:03 // 4 years ago