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July 6, 2012

On magically implying things we didn’t imply

daptone says: That’s cool, but way to make it sound like Netflix was down because of usage and not storms bringing down servers.

» SFB says: Did it hit you that, perhaps, we brought up the downtime with the storm because people freaked out because they couldn’t use Netflix, which they’re using more heavily these days? Perhaps we can get Briscoe to investigate the case of the phantom implied statement. :) — Ernie @ SFB

15:05 // 2 years ago
April 25, 2011
In that interview, I wasn’t asked about Anderson Cooper, I didn’t say anything about him, he literally was never discussed during the interview at all — even implicitly.
Rachel Maddow • Clarifying the comments we posted about earlier to emphasize that it wasn’t about Anderson Cooper, despite what it seemed from the phrasing. (Good.) In her blog post, Maddow lays out the three ethical rules she stands by, the key one being this: “Gay people — generally speaking — have a responsibility to our own community and to future generations of gay people to come out, if and when we feel that we can.” She notes, however, if you’re using your status as a gay person to harm others, you should “reasonably expect” others in the community to out you. We’re glad for the clarification, and want to make clear that we love Anderson just the way he is, no matter what he does when he’s not covering the news. source (viafollow)
20:14 // 3 years ago