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November 17, 2012

The most hilarious piece of criticism we’ve ever gotten


Could ShortFormBlog fangirl anymore over Obama? 

They probably have his emblem hanging like a swastika in their office.
Because Obama is so relateable of course.
If you need a summary of SFB, it’s “heil Obama” this, and “heil Obama” that - because Obama just gets it you know.

What are you, just an extension of the American version of the Großdeutscher Rundfunk?

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” said Albert Einstein - I wish ShortFormBlog would understand what Einstein was getting at - and hopefully they could also understand how their Obama worship (which is just as despicable as Romney/Bush/Paul worship) really harms their credibility in the long run. 

First up, what gives you the nerve to assume that we work out of an office? Of all the vile, low-down, unspeakably awful things one could do, you have just accused us of working out of a building with cubicles and walls and stuff like that.

Second, think about this a second. You just took a photo of a grown man making a cutesy face with a walking, talking meme and compared it to Nazi worship. I’m typing this out of a coffee shop, or lying in bed in my apartment, and we’re suddenly being compared to a German propaganda machine? I mean, think about how absurd that sounds. It’s like you called us Republicans.

Third, Obama isn’t a perfect president. He gets a lot of crap for compromising way too much. He probably got a little too cozy with Wall Street for a while there. He was slow on gay rights. He didn’t fight hard enough on single payer. And this map is pretty tough to defend. A while back, Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic made some very valid points about Obama’s weaknesses. But no matter. We write a lot of stuff on this blog, and our occasional enjoyment of an Obama meme, or the reblog of a newspaper cover after he won an election, doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme other than that no other president has ever done anything like that before and it’s funny.

Now, excuse us while we project our personal opinions on someone else and call them a Nazi. — Ernie @ SFB

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