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June 7, 2012

New York City could suffer massive financial losses from hurricane

  • 95.5% the odds that a hurricane will hit the Miami area in the next 50 years
  • 6.6% the odds a hurricane will hit NYC in the next 50 years source

» But if one does hit NYC, it’ll cost a bundle: CoreLogic, a data-analysis firm, estimates that the area most in danger of major financial loss if a hurricane hits it is New York City — with some estimates reaching as high as $100 billion in insured losses. To give you an idea of how bad it could be in NYC, Hurricane Irene, which was a fairly minor tropical storm when it hit the city last summer, still caused $6 billion in damage in the New York/New Jersey region.

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10:53 // 2 years ago
September 23, 2011

House passes shutdown-averting spending bill … with a catch

  • yeah … The House passed a bill preventing a possible government shutdown, and in the process paying for emergency management funding for the recent spate of natural disasters (like the Joplin tornado and Hurricane Irene). As recently as Wednesday, it didn’t look like it would pass. So what happened?
  • … but Well, the bill includes a politically-charged measure removing funding for green energy projects, like the much-maligned Solyndra debacle. It literally seems like they passed it only because House Republicans could score points off of this. As a result, it likely will not pass the Senate in its current form. source

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7:52 // 3 years ago
September 5, 2011
As president of the United States I want to make it very clear that we are going to meet our federal obligations because we are one country. When one part of the country gets affected, whether it’s a tornado in Joplin, Missouri or a hurricane that affects that eastern seaboard, then we come together as one country and make sure that everybody gets the help that they need.
President Barack Obama • Speaking about the need for federal disaster funding during a visit to Irene-ravaged New Jersey yesterday. This is an issue as a result of some stuff Eric Cantor said last week, suggesting that federal funding of disaster cleanup would only happen by cutting matching funding elsewhere. We like the point The Bergen Record’s Mike Kelly makes about this: “Memo to conservatives: You make good points about the need for America to get serious about government spending. But this is not a John Wayne western, with steel-eyed gunfighters making black-and-white decisions about life and death.” Conservatives are right on a surface level on this — we need to cut spending — but get down to the nitty-gritty and it’s simply not clear-cut. source (viafollow)
11:05 // 3 years ago
September 2, 2011
The guy’s acting like he’s having a hard time standing up, and you see people just strolling along behind him. I thought, what a great contrast. Why didn’t he just stand up and say, ‘We were very lucky’?
Former FEMA head Michael “heckuva job Brownie" Brown • Somehow turning media critic after Hurricane Irene (in ripping CNN for their coverage of the storm). Hey, Michael, no offense, but you’re the last person that should talk here. Glad to see that the crisis was weak enough that you can rip the media for the coverage. You and Ray Nagin should probably keep your media commentator cards to yourselves. source (viafollow)
15:58 // 3 years ago
September 1, 2011
Alright, who gave this Hurricane Irene photo better play, the WaPo or the NYT?

Alright, who gave this Hurricane Irene photo better play, the WaPo or the NYT?

12:49 // 3 years ago
August 31, 2011


Bill Stinson, his daughter Erin, left, and his wife Sandra, center, now have a very different view at the site of their historic home. The images have come to stand for all that Hurricane Irene erased. 

Shocking damage.

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10:21 // 3 years ago
August 30, 2011
A notable edit to Eric Cantor’s Wikipedia page we just noticed. (See yellow highlight.)

A notable edit to Eric Cantor’s Wikipedia page we just noticed. (See yellow highlight.)

10:03 // 3 years ago
Any projects that have not come in for approval, we’re not going to be able to fund those as this point. We’re going to postpone those. Our goal is to keep this disruption as short as possible, but it was prudent.
FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate • Describing the reasons that FEMA is putting their long-term work to repair Joplin, Mo. on hold, and instead putting that money towards Hurricane Irene. Another issue arising in the Hurricane Irene situation? They might run into yet another wall of House Republican suck. That’s because House Majority Leader Eric Cantor makes no guarantees about funding Irene cleanup unless there are budget cuts to match, which is a real jerk move which shows how out-of-touch with reality that the GOP is. Now, granted, Ron Paul pitches ideas like these all the time. But when the GOP leadership continues to do so without regard to the current situation at hand, it makes you you want to vote all the bums out en masse next year. source (viafollow)
9:57 // 3 years ago
August 29, 2011
How many have to be killed for you to assess this as serious enough?
Piers Morgan • During a suitably dramatic debate on whether the media overhyped coverage of Hurricane Irene. Morgan and a couple of his fellow guests — New York Times super-reporter Brian Stelter and meteorologist Chad Meyers — ripped into the Washington Times’ Joseph Curl, who claimed that the storm was in fact overhyped. Curl was against a stacked jury: Stelter (who is on Tumblr) had just gotten back from North Carolina, Meyers is a meteorologist and Morgan is a sucker for passionate quotes. The overhyped argument loses again in the media sphere. Now, let’s go talk about getting some donations to people who need it. source (viafollow)
22:42 // 3 years ago
19:24 // 3 years ago