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April 17, 2012

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners vow mass hunger strike

  • 2,300 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons have pledged not to eat for one day to mark Prisoners’ Day
  • 1,200 more Palestinian prisoners plan to go a step further, pledging an open-ended hunger strike source

» One guy showed them how to do it: Soon to be released from prison is Khader Adnan, who underwent a 67-day hunger strike earlier this year which ended in February. Adnan ended his hunger strike as part of a deal with Israel which led to his freedom.

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September 29, 2011

California inmates hunger strike en masse … for the second time

  • first Roughly 6,600 prisoners went on a hunger strike in California, protesting the rough conditions due to lack of human contact. Officials said they would review their procedures.
  • then Officials reviewed their procedures, and decided, well, maybe there’s something to this whole prisoner-treatment thing, and said they would make changes.
  • now They haven’t done enough: Roughly 4,200 inmates haven’t eaten since Monday, despite the threat of punishment for inmates on hunger strikes. source

» Treating “gang members” differently: Many of the concerns the prisoners have with their treatment revolve around the fact that they were put into fairly extreme prison cells, designed to limit human contact, due to their perceived affiliation with gangs. One of the ways they can get out involves a process called “debriefing,” where the prisoner renounces his gang affiliation and discloses information about possible members — which has the effect of putting the prisoner directly in danger. Activists consider this damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t approach to handling prisoners akin to torture. “These are inhumane conditions designed to extract information from someone,” noted Carol Strickman of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, an activist group.

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