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February 25, 2013

IKEA’s Swedish meatballs tainted by horsemeat scandal, too

  • 1,675 pounds worth of Ikea meatballs were prevented from reaching the shelves at stores throughout Europe after it was found that, like hamburgers and lasagna packages before it, they contained horsemeat. Among the countries affected include Slovakia, Hungary, France, Britain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus and Ireland, according to an AP report. While the company’s Swedish branch was not affected, the company’s local branch nonetheless took the food items off the shelves out of “potential worries among our customers.” It’s a good thing meatballs aren’t their main product. source
8:31 // 1 year ago
February 10, 2013
We are only at the beginning of our legal process. Comigel will end up in a lot of legal processes going forward, I imagine. Comigel is the villain.
Findus Nordic CEO Jari Latvanen • Discussing, with CNN, his company’s frustration with Comigel, which it blames for the horsemeat that found its way into Findus products—most notably, its lasagna. Findus, a Swedish company, has been under intense pressure since the news broke that its “100% beef” products were a little less than 100 percent beef, but numerous other companies have been affected by the scandal, leading to recalls in numerous European countries, including the UK and France. Comigel, meanwhile, blames a sub-supplier for the incident. This could be a rough one going forward, as the scandal has only grown since initial reports last month. source
21:00 // 1 year ago