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September 27, 2011

More on Occupy Wall Street and the idea of a “hook”

andurrs says: Funny. I would have thought good journalists could find their hook. Silly me.

» SFB says: That’s not our point at all. Journalists can find a good hook to create an individual story. But a story like this needs more than that. This is an attempt to create a large-scale movement. The standards are higher. To outsiders looking at this passively, this story doesn’t have any clear objective other than creating a dialogue about populist anger around Wall Street. Which is necessary, but not necessarily a “hook.” Think of every notable populist movement in the past couple of years: The Tea Party had Rick Santelli making an audacious speech on a trading floor. The Arab Spring had a Tunisian who set himself on fire out of anger. Egypt had Wael Ghonim and massive crowds at Tahrir Square that stuck around for weeks. And so on. Occupy Wall Street does not need a hook like this to get coverage (and media outlets should cover it whether or not it has a “hook” — something they might actually find in the process of covering it, by the way). But it’d be a stronger movement if it had something like this to coalesce around. — Ernie @ SFB

11:33 // 3 years ago