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December 31, 2012

How Google is subverting Apple through the iPhone’s app store


Over the past six months, Google has begun to systematically replace core, Apple-made iOS apps with Google-made iOS apps. In July, Google launched Chrome for iPhone – a Safari replacement. Then, in October came Google Search – which included a voice search feature to compete with Siri. In December, Google launched Google Maps to replace Apple Maps, and a much-improved Gmail to replace Apple’s core Mail app. It also put out a new YouTube app, to replace the one that Apple removed during its last iOS upgrade.

In a way, Apple shot itself in the foot because, by dropping Google’s apps, they effectively allowed Google to prove is better at iOS app development than they are. (Barring the Gmail app, but that’s a different story.)

Expect iOS7 to have an updated design philosophy, because it’s beginning to feel dated now that developers are increasingly outpacing Apple itself at app design.

11:40 // 1 year ago