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February 19, 2014

Google unveils new plan to drastically expand Fiber coverage

  • 33 cities will be getting Google Fiber, beginning as early as next year, if Google is able to move forward with a newly unveiled plan to drastically expand its fiber optic internet service. The list includes major cities like Charlotte, Phoenix and Portland, along with notable tech hubs like Mountain View and Palo Alto in Silicon Valley, and more rural towns in Georgia, North Carolina and Oregon. source
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December 10, 2012
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November 14, 2012
Google Fiber is now live in Kansas City. Here’s how fast it is, according to one user, Mike Demarais. Guess we know where we’re going for our next vacation.

Google Fiber is now live in Kansas City. Here’s how fast it is, according to one user, Mike Demarais. Guess we know where we’re going for our next vacation.

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September 10, 2012

More on Google Fiber and service coverage

colincurtis says: This doesn’t tell the full story. KCK turned our whole map green. We lead a grassroots effort to sign up neighborhoods by canvassing and the city allocated funds for people who couldn’t afford the $10 fee so that no area was left behind.

» SFB says: Thanks for speaking up. It’s worth pointing out that while Kansas City, Missouri struggled to fill out its map, Kansas City, Kansas did much better. In related news, here are some more details on Google’s renewed efforts to sign up people in communities that didn’t turn out the first time around. — Ernie @ SFB

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This is just one more example of people that are lower income, sometimes not higher educated people, being left behind. It makes me very sad.
Kansas City, Mo. resident Margaret May • Expressing frustration with her neighborhood’s slow push to sign up for Google Fiber. May leads the neighborhood council in the Ivanhoe neighborhood, which is 46 percent black. Google said they could only sign up neighborhoods that had enough people pay a $10 preregistration fee for broadband access, and by Sunday’s deadline, only 32 percent of those that had signed up were black, while 54 percent were white, with predominantly-black neighborhoods lagging behind. The company plans to offer a second opportunity to sign up for those that missed the chance.
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July 26, 2012

Google Fiber heads to Kansas City: Here’s what the deals look like, guys

  • free Google Fiber’s new base plan, which offers (after an initial $300 installation fee) its users free broadband access at traditional speeds for the next seven years.
  • fast Google’s Gigabit ethernet, which offers speeds at 100 times faster than traditional internet access for a relatively-inexpensive $70 per month.
  • different Google’s fully-integrated HD television plan, which includes cable TV, a Google Drive, and a Nexus 7 tablet. That bells-and-whistles deal? $120 per month. source

» But before you move to Kansas City … It’s worth noting that there are a few notable holdouts on the cable front — for example, there isn’t any AMC, CNN, the Disney Channel, HBO or ESPN, so “Game of Thrones” is off the table in the Google household. But on the other hand, if you download an episode of said show on The Pirate Bay at gigabit speeds, it’d take you less than five seconds. Seems like some major companies didn’t think this through …

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June 5, 2012

Another day, another round of headline news from Google

  • hardware Images of a new, Google Fiber-branded, IP-set top box have appeared in the FCC’s database. The accompanying test report confirms the inclusion of WiFi, IR, USB, Ethernet, HDMI input and output and an Ethernet / coax bridge. Any Kansas City readers anxiously awaiting the tech-giant’s ISP debut?
  • software Hot on the heels of the Meebo acquisition announcement, Google has announced that the company is in the process of purchasing QuickOffice. While there’s no word on any official reason for the purchase, the company blog does note that QuickOffice developers will be joining the Apps team. Another acqu-hire? source

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