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March 21, 2014
This one political elitist put his own personal views above the will of the people, arrogantly ruling that all 2.7 million voters were ‘irrational’ in their commonsense belief that the ideal environment for every child is having both a mother and a father committed to each other and to their children in marriage.
Gary Glenn, President of the American Family Association of Michigan • Ripping the court decision to overturn the state’s ban on gay marriage. It’s OK, Gary. Your kind is dying out.
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February 24, 2014
Now that this law has been enacted, we are beginning an internal review of our relationship with the Government of Uganda to ensure that all dimensions of our engagement, including assistance programs, uphold our anti-discrimination policies and principles and reflect our values.
Secretary of State John Kerry • Discussing the possibility of reviewing the U.S. relationship with the Ugandan government, after Uganda enacted a law which imposes harsh penalties against homosexuals. The president of the country, Yoweri Museveni, said this in an interview with CNN: “What sort of people are they? I never knew what they were doing. I’ve just been told recently and what they do is terrible. Disgusting.”
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February 21, 2014
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February 15, 2014
A strong majority of my members support laws that define traditional marriage, protect religious institutions and protect individuals from being forced to violate their personal moral values. However, my members also don’t condone discrimination.
Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle • In a statement discussing why a bill which passed the Kansas House was unlikely to pass in the Senate. House Bill 2453, which essentially allows people to refuse service to same-sex couples on religious grounds, passed resoundingly in the House on Wednesday. The bill provoked a national outcry for its similarity to the infamous Jim Crow laws—be sure to check this Andrew Sullivan piece to get an idea of what’s at stake.
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December 28, 2013
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December 27, 2013
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December 21, 2013
For something like this to happen in Utah is mind-boggling. I’m sure they’re going to fight it tooth-and-nail.
Utah resident Nathan London • Discussing the federal court decision on Friday which legalized same-sex marriage in the state. London, who was planning his wedding with his boyfriend on Saturday, is one of many people hoping to take advantage of the law change, but the legal status could prove short-lived—the conservative state, which is home to the Mormon church, is expected to appeal the ruling.
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December 11, 2013
We oppose any action that criminalizes consensual same-sex conduct between adults. LGBT rights are human rights. We call on all governments to advance equality for LGBT individuals around the world.
U.S. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki • Denouncing a high-court ruling in India that criminalizes consensual sex between two people of the same gender. The ruling, which reversed a 2009 ruling on the issue, calls on legislative bodies to amend the law mandating the ban. The ruling prompted protests in the country.
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November 16, 2013
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November 7, 2013

Stuff you may have missed: November 7, 2013

In a landmark move for the gay rights movement, the Senate has passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill (floating around in various forms since 1994) that bans discrimination against people on basis of their sexuality or gender identity. That’s the good news. The bad news is that John Boehner is sitting on his hands.

President Obama is really, really, really, really, really freaking sorry that the health care law isn’t working out like he promised.

Virginia has a new governor-elect, but the scandal around the current governor is just getting good. Too bad.

Microsoft has finally figured out that you can’t update a web browser every five years.

Legendary pastor Billy Graham just turned 95. He’s still kickin’.

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