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April 2, 2012

A sampling of some of Gage Skidmore’s photos, hand-picked by the photog. In case you missed it, earlier today we did a quick profile on the teenage photographer, who has kept Flickr awash in Creative Commons photos of GOP politicians — especially Ron and Rand Paul. Which one’s your favorite?

20:36 // 2 years ago

Gage Skidmore: How one teenager gives the GOP its Flickr close-up

You don’t know him, but you’ve seen his work: The rise of Creative Commons has leveled the playing field for bloggers, giving many the opportunity to illustrate stories with free-to-use images that are at times comparable to wire photos. But the quality varies, and it’s rare to find someone sharing high-quality pictures consistently — but Gage Skidmore pulls it off. The 18-year-old photographer, who shoots celebrities and conservative politicians largely as a hobby, has uploaded nearly 9,000 photos to Flickr since early 2008, and thanks to favorable licensing, finds his photos of famous and important people in use all over the Web — including such sites as MSNBC, Fox NewsThe Atlantic and Mashable. What drives his work? Click on to see his take on the matter.

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12:31 // 2 years ago