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October 29, 2012

Five man-on-the-street reactions to Hurricane Sandy that don’t involve horse masks

  • one ”People are worst-case-scenario-ing it.” -Kevin Gogots, a Pompton Lakes, NJ, resident.
  • two ”Everybody’s a little gun-shy this time around.” - Alex Zwick, Gogots’ neighbor.
  • three ”I haven’t seen my dad in a year, and I thought we’d watch football together, but it’s not going to happen.” - David Marmanillo, an actor, who had to return from a family visit early because of the storm.
  • four ”We’re going to get some wine, cuddle up and watch movies.” - Alyssa Marks, who was carrying two laptops and a pillow, so she’s probably a blogger.
  • five ”If it starts looking dangerous, obviously we’ll get off the boat.” - Hans Eriksson, a houseboat resident who feels prepared. source
13:02 // 1 year ago