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January 24, 2013

Long lines at voting precincts deterred over 200k Floridians from casting their vote

201,000 Floridians didn’t vote in November because the lines were too long source

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January 16, 2013
It was not my bill…The Legislature passed it. I didn’t have anything to do with passing it.
Florida Governor Rick Scott, insisting to his state’s Legislative Black Caucus that he isn’t responsible for the voter ID laws the state passed in 2011. Of course, Scott signed the bill into law, and his administration spent more than $500,000 defending it in court once it became law, so this is a spurious claim, to put it nicely. In other news, a new poll suggests trouble for Scott when he runs for reelection next year. source
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March 31, 2011

Florida Gov slashes disabilities services, then heads to Special Olympics ceremony

  • afternoon Florida Gov. Rick Scott is expected to announce a 15% pay cut for workers who aid developmentally-disabled Floridians.
  • eveningAs a sort of consolation prize to those whose services will be cut, Scott will then attend a photo-op for the Special Olympics. source

» Why the 15% cut? Florida’s Agency for Persons with Disabilities is facing a $170 million deficit, and Scott claims these cuts are essential to preserving the agency. Fair enough. Alternatively, he could lower his proposed $1.5 billion corporate tax cut to, say, $1.4 billion, and re-route that money to the APD. Just a suggestion. [hat tip: ThinkProgress]

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