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April 19, 2012

Bank of America has solid quarter despite massive charge

  • $653M the size of the profit Bank of America had this quarter, which beat investor estimates
  • $2.05B the size of the profit BofA had in the same quarter a year ago; but wait, isn’t that a decline?
  • $4.8B the size of an accounting charge on the value of the bank’s debt, causing lower profits source

» In other words … If you take out the charge, their profits were nearly $5.5 billion this quarter. This total beat the street’s estimate by a wide margin — a reported profit of 31 cents per share, versus what investors thought would be a profit of 12 cents per share. As a result, the stock made a fairly big leap this morning, surging 6 percent in pre-market trading.

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10:14 // 2 years ago
April 21, 2011

Running the NYT paywall has higher cost than you might expect

  • $13 million to run the New York Times paywall in 2011 source

» This is a hefty figure. And it’s not the whole enchilada — the Times spent a lot getting it together, on top of the incremental costs involved. But it doesn’t necessarily spell problems for the new system — the Times has netted about 100,000 digital subscribers since instituting the paywall, reportedly enough to break even on the operating costs after the first quarter of 2011. That said, we suspect not many casual observers expected this high a cost would be absorbed simply to keep up the paywall, and having the spoils of your first 100,000 subscribers be a financial wash is something we doubt the Times relishes. But we think people need to give this time.

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14:23 // 3 years ago
January 18, 2011

Steve Jobs may be sick, but Apple’s still killin’ profit expectations

Want to know the best way to get investors off your back about your iconic CEO’s illness? Post numbers that make everyone criticizing you look like chumps. That’s what Apple did today. And even though Steve is still sick (and hopefully he’s able to deal with that without a problem), the numbers suggest that Apple does so much right that it’ll be hard for them to screw up the next couple of quarters. Just to give you kids an idea:

  • $22 billion in revenues in the first quarter for Apple (very good)
  • 2% the increase in Apple’s stock after Apple’s numbers were released, nearly erasing earlier Jobs-illness-related losses
  • 4:5 the number of Fortune 500 companies currently field testing the increasingly-popular iPad – suggesting further success
  • 16.2M the number of iPhones Apple sold, which is way up from a year ago
  • 7.33M the number of iPads they sold – an extremely robust number
  • 4.1M the number of Macs they sold – also way up from a year ago source

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22:09 // 3 years ago