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April 5, 2011

On the amazingness of “Inside Job”


CHARLES FERGUSON (Inside Job writer/director) : Are you comfortable with the fact that several of your member companies have engaged in large-scale criminal activity? SCOTT TALBOTT (Chief lobbyist, Financial Services Roundtable): You’ll have to be specific.

Inside Job (2010).

I’ve seen this documentary three or four times now, and every time, this exchange sticks with me for days.

Watched this movie for the first time while hovering over Quebec during the middle of a nine-hour flight. (OK, OK. Maybe it was Newfoundland — wasn’t really keeping track.) It’s sobering. Perhaps the most sobering part is something clear to people who have been watching the current administration but the film painstakingly makes clear — most of Obama’s financial appointees are the same people who the film says caused the current financial crisis. Especially Larry Summers. Which is funny because just before this I watched “The Social Network” and immensely appreciated the scene where Summers put the Winklevi in their place. Was so conflicted at the end of that flight.

10:45 // 3 years ago