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November 7, 2012

shanapreferspajamas says: Please tell me what the "es" tag means that I see so frequently on your post? Does it have something to do with your posts also being written in Spanish? Please tell me, it's killing me.

» SFB says: As we run a group blog on a primary account, those tags basically enable our theme to set an author for the post using CSS.

Key for those playing at home: “ES” = Authored by Ernie Smith; “SC” = Authored by Scott Craft; “CT” = Authored by Chris Tognotti; “SM” = Authored by Seth Millstein; “SAM” = Authored by Sami Main. :) — Ernie @ SFB

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March 13, 2011
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February 4, 2011

On why the Bureau of Labor Statistics needs to hire us

ilyagerner said: The BLS explanation in their release was that previous months’ job numbers were underestimated. Inability write their press releases in plain English is a problem for the BLS (yglesias.thinkprogress….)

» We say: Worth noting that this is true. You’d think that with a government the size of ours, they’d cut through the clutter and explain this in a meaningful way. Possibly they should considering hiring us to explain their next report?

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January 31, 2011

A reader-requested summary of the Egyptian crisis

andres-se asks: Can you please briefly summarize the whole Egypt story and current situation?

We admit to loving a challenge. And while we’re not going to go too crazy here, here’s a bunch of bullet points explaining the main points of this whole mess. In terms of the political background, we’re just going to refer you to this article. Otherwise, here goes:

  • what In the wake of a series of other protests and uprisings throughout the Middle East, thousands of Egyptians have protested throughout the country, the most populous in the region.
  • why While a general sense of political frustration with Hosni Mubarak’s regime has been lasting, a number of economic issues (including high food prices) have pushed things over the edge.
  • reaction The Internet is in a major uproar for the people of Egypt, especially on Twitter and Tumblr, while the United States has been on a modest course to push Mubarak out of power.

» What’s happening right now? Tomorrow, a massive march, called the Million Egyptian March, is planned, which protesters feel might be enough to push Mubarak out of power. The Mubarak regime, in reaction, has crimped the communication lines even further. Meanwhile, Americans are trying to leave Egypt and an eight-year-old Saudi girl knows what’s up.

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November 8, 2010

Keith Olbermann’s one-page open letter on this whole mess.

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