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February 2, 2013

Oh, Erin Burnett … The other night, the CNN host had a segment on gun control which seemed to push pretty hard on the idea that video games are the cause of school shootings — despite the fact that her guest disagreed with her. But the big problem with the clip is this: She spends the first couple of minutes of the clip talking about how much Obama’s gun control legislation might cost gun companies and how it might cost people jobs. But you could say that about new regulations in any industry! How much will more strident regulation of movies and video games cost those industries, Erin? And those products are protected by an amendment, too — the First Amendment. No matter your opinion on violent games, the way the show sets gaming up for the fall here is simply tacky. (ht Polygon)

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October 6, 2011
Two of the fundamental attributes of good journalism are curiosity and a respect for the people on whom you report. Burnett got an “F” on both those counts with her Occupy Wall Street piece. Not only didn’t she listen hard enough to learn anything from the people in the group, she and her producers positioned the speakers to be seen as objects of derision. That is deplorable.
David Zurawik, in a nice Baltimore Sun piece on Erin Burnett and Occupy Wall Street. (via markcoatney)

Not to be too cynical, but considering the cozy relationship that her former network had with Wall Street, did we really expect anything else? 

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