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February 1, 2012
The reason for this tragedy is the deliberate neglect and absence of the military and the police. This will not pass without punishment, a thousand punishments.
Essam el Erian, Egyptian lawmaker with the Muslim Brotherhood • Accusing, in essence, the Egyptian military government of taking a hands-off approach to security, allowing moments of chaos in order to justify expansive military power. The incitement of this charge came earlier today, when a soccer riot broke out which killed over eighty people — the bloodiest single incident in Egypt since the removal of Hosni Mubarak last year. Reports claim police at the soccer match were either unable or unwilling to intervene or try to stop the riot, while video of the incident showed some standing by, apparently idle. Said Mohammed Abu Trika, star of the visiting team, Al Ahly: “People here are dying and no one is doing a thing. It’s like a war. Is life this cheap?” source (viafollow)
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The final moments of the fateful soccer match in Port Said, Egypt, just as widespread chaos erupted and rioting began. The death figures from this incident, being called the worst sporting disaster in Egyptian history, have changed over the last few minutes; it’s probably too early to yet say with certainty. Our thoughts are with the slain and injured. The idea of this happening because of a sporting event truly is macabre and revolting.

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Soccer riot in Egypt leaves many dead, many more injured

  • 83 people killed in a soccer riot in Port Said, Egypt source

» Tragedy and inhumanity: A match between Egyptian soccer (or football, if you prefer) teams Al-Ahly and Al-Masry turned into a scene of violence, chaos and death, as riots broke out after the game’s conclusion. Said CNN contributor James Montague: “It’s kind of a security vacuum in the football stadium. … It’s not unheard of to have organized violence between football clubs, but something on this scale has never been seen before.” In addition to the 83 dead, Egyptian authorities estimate 180 people were injured in the mayhem.

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