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November 13, 2012
I spoke about what I believed and I think that there was a period of time when the Romney campaign was falling apart, people were not optimistic, nobody thought there was a chance of victory and I felt that it was my duty at that point to go out and say what I said. And at the time that I said it, I believe I was right.
Fox News analyst Dick Morris • Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity last night, on the matter of his woefully optimistic pre-election prediction that Mitt Romney would defeat President Obama in a landslide, with 325 electoral votes. Of note, right there in his explanation, an overt admission that he felt obliged to promote the idea of a Romney landslide (which was profoundly statistically unlikely) out of a sense of “duty.” He’s essentially admitting he’s more activist than pollster, which is fine — so long as your job description accurately reflects that. Otherwise, as an analyst, you’re doing anything but. source
20:27 // 1 year ago