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December 3, 2012

On shedding tears for dead Murdoch projects

thecallus says: Shed no tears for dead Murdoch projects.

» SFB says: Why not? Does it make the people who worked on it terrible people because of the guy who kept the lights on? I understand the hate for Murdoch, but let’s put it this way: Real people work/worked these jobs (including, as I pointed out, some people who work on this site), and The Daily had few of the ideological issues that Murdoch’s oft-criticized tabloids or Fox News did. Maybe it didn’t work, but it was a constructive idea, not a destructive one. — Ernie @ SFB

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February 1, 2012
I think it is the future of print,” said Josh Martin, group director of media strategy at ID Media. “I think their model of a free trial, followed by a paid model is a good bet. They have a strong product. I don’t think other publications in the marketplace — branded pubs with high-end premium audiences — have money to build a field ahead of the audience.
From my Digiday article about The Daily’s inaugural year. Click here to read the rest of the piece. (via joshsternberg)

Great piece by Josh pondering The Daily, one year later. An interesting model, no matter how much Lana Del Rey they cover. (Disclosure: Our writer Seth Millstein is a writer and reporter for The Daily. Also, we subscribe.) 
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