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January 15, 2013


If you joyride a train, you’ll prob crash into a house

A derailed train on Tuesday crashed into the side of a house in Saltsjöbaden, a town of about 10,000 outside Stockholm. A woman, reportedly a twenty-something cleaner for the train company, somehow snagged the keys to the train and drove it away before it crashed into the building. (Lisbeth Salander, is that you?) The cleaner was injured in the incident, but amazingly, there are no reports of injuries of people in the residence.

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April 6, 2012
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February 10, 2011

Tragedy strikes at south Ireland’s Cork Airport

  • three number of attempts a small Irish airplane made at landing at Cork Airport; it was having trouble touching down due to low visibility
  • six number of people killed on the third attempt, which sent 6 other people to the hospital for wounds of varying severity source
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