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January 8, 2013
I scratched the ticket, then I kept on saying, ‘I hit a million!’ over and over again. I jumped two feet in the air, then ran back into the store and tipped the clerk $100.
46-year-old Urooj Khan • Discussing his initial joy after winning $1 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket. The joy turned into something sad and dark recently, after Khan was found to be fatally poisoned just a day after receiving his check.  While coroners described his death as natural causes initially, investigators took a closer look at the request of a relative. “They had concerns that it was deemed a natural cause of death and wanted us to look harder,” said Cook County, Illinois, Medical Examiner Stephen Cina. “And we did.” After an investigation, they found that Khan had died of cyanide poisoning. The office may exhume his body as a result of the ne findings, which is now being reclassified as a homicide.
8:48 // 1 year ago
October 20, 2010
This is not the lotto. This isn’t something where we roll the dice and say, ‘You know what? Possibly this has been done legally. Maybe it hasn’t, but in the meantime you and your children go find some place to live. There’s plenty of homeless shelters out there.’ We can’t do that.
Cook County, Illinois Sheriff Tom Dart • Informing mortgage companies that he WOULD NOT be evicting people due to foreclosure orders. Why? Well, his staff discovered that many of the foreclosure orders coming his way were from so-called “robo signers,” who have been ordering foreclosures en masse without even reading the documents. “This is so outrageous. These poor people are being put through this day in and day out, by people who don’t do their jobs,” he said. “It’s so hard for me to stomach these people. This isn’t just we are taking their bike away, or their car away. This is their house.” Dart, by the way, is noted for his attacks on Craigslist. source (via)
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