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January 1, 2013



Why Does Congress Suck?

In which John Green seeks to explain why the United States congress has become so astonishingly inefficient that it can’t even reach a compromise to avert disaster, and why—thanks to clever redistricting—most congresspeople are now incentivized not to work seriously on policy. Along the way there’s a bit of historical context, a lot of frustration, some screaming, and a celebration of the beginning of the 7th year of the vlogbrothers channel.

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Basically, everything in this video.

19:01 // 1 year ago
December 31, 2012

President Obama gives pay raises to Congress, VP Biden

  • $900 bump in Congressional pay has been authorized by President Obama, a move made in the midst of failed “fiscal cliff” negotiations. Congressional leaders will see slightly higher raises than their rank-and-file counterparts, with Senate leaders receiving a $1,000 boost and an extra $1,100 going to the Speaker of the House as well. The raises are the first since a pay freeze was instituted in 2010.
  • $6,379 pay raise was also given to Vice President Joe Biden, but the pay raises didn’t stop there. In addition to Vice President Biden and members of Congress, President Obama authorized an increase in wages for district and circuit court judges as well. Think this was the right time to hand out pay raises to members of Congress? source

EDIT: More context here.

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December 30, 2012
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December 29, 2012
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December 6, 2012
This may be a moment in Senate history, when a senator made a proposal that, when given an opportunity for a vote on that proposal, filibustered his own proposal…I don’t think this has ever happened before.
Sen. Dick Durbin, after Mitch McConnell’s latest scheme blew up in his face. McConnell introduced legislation today that would allow the president to unilaterally raise the debt limit, suspecting that Democrats wouldn’t have the guts to vote for it. When it became clear that Democrats did indeed have the votes to pass the bill with a simple majority, McConnell filibustered it, preventing its passage. The United States Senate, ladies and gentlemen. source
15:23 // 1 year ago
DeMint has been a destructive force, threatening to primary colleagues, resisting all deals and offering very little in the way of attainable legislation. He has contributed more than any current senator to the dysfunction of that body. He has worsened relations between the House and Senate, as he did in the budget fights in recent years, by meddling and pressuring his home state representative. His departure leaves other senators who seemed impressed with his brand of politics free to find their way to a more constructive position in the body.
The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin • Discussing why Jim DeMint’s departure from the Senate is a good thing for Congress … though it could prove much worse down the road, due to the influence he’ll yield as head of the Heritage Foundation. Rubin suggests he hurts the Heritage brand. “By embracing him, Heritage, to a greater extent than ever before, becomes a political instrument in service of extremism, not a well-respected think tank and source of scholarship,” she writes. “Every individual who works there should take pause and consider whether the reputation of that institution is elevated or diminished by this move. And I would say the same, frankly, if any other non-scholarly pol took that spot.”
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November 11, 2012
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October 15, 2012
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September 22, 2012
See, when they skipped town, Members of Congress left a whole bunch of proposals sitting on the table – actions that would create jobs, boost our economy, and strengthen middle-class security. These ideas have been around for months. The American people want to see them passed. But apparently, some Members of Congress are more worried about their jobs and their paychecks this campaign season than they are about yours.
Obama calls out Congress for leaving early in his weekly radio address.
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