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June 14, 2012
I am so rooting for you tomorrow not just as a personal friend but because professionally we’re definitely in this together. Speech of your life? Yes, he Cam!
Former News International exec Rebekah Brooks • In a text message to current British Prime Minister David Cameron, on the brink of a speech Cameron was about to make at a Conservative Party conference. News International had to hand over the text messages between the two as part of the Leveson Inquiry that grew out of the company’s phone-hacking scandal. It’s been a fun one so far, with such luminaries as Tony Blair (who also had a tight relationship with Brooks) and Rupert Murdoch being forced to testify. Today was Cameron’s turn.
11:33 // 2 years ago
February 16, 2012
If they have an enemies list and they collaborate with the White House, does it mean the White House may have an enemies list? By the way, my name was on the list. Shocking.
Sean Hannity • Freaking out over the just-uncovered revelation that Media Matters allegedly has an enemies list, and he’s on it. The Daily Caller’s massive multi-part expose on the liberal organization seems to have uncovered a ton of dirt, including an internal memo that included this line: “We must take Fox News head-on in a well funded, presidential-style campaign to discredit and embarrass the network, making it illegitimate in the eyes of news consumers.” It appears that The Daily Caller did their homework with this one. One major quibble however: Tucker Carlson, a current Fox News contributor, runs The Daily Caller, and wrote some of the stories. That is a huge conflict of interest. Should Tucker have taken himself off this story? (ht imwithkanye)
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October 8, 2011

Leaked e-mails: White House staffer was heavy Solyndra cheerleader

  • who Former White House official Steven Spinner, an Obama fundraiser and Silicon Valley investor who advised the Energy Department on alternative energy loan programs.
  • what E-mails showed that Spinner heavily pushed the Solyndra loans, despite the fact that he was supposed to be recused from the case. The company later failed.
  • why His wife’s law firm represented the company, and while she didn’t closely work on the company’s case, the firm benefited from the government loan. source
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April 14, 2011
Editorial priorities are weighed on a number of factors at any given moment. All news organizations have faced these pressures, but despite this and the challenging terrain in Bahrain, we have covered events in the country extensively.
Spokesman for Qatar-based/funded Al Jazeera on the news channel’s perceived lack of coverage surrounding the protests in Bahran. (via soupsoup)
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