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March 10, 2013

How Chris Wallace shut down Paul Ryan's latest budget on "Fox News Sunday" this morning

  • Chris Wallace:“Are you saying that as part of your budget you assume the repeal of Obamacare?”
  • Rep. Paul Ryan:“Yes.”
  • Wallace:“Well that’s not gonna happen.”
14:32 // 1 year ago
March 1, 2013

In case you were wondering what Mitt’s been up to since the election, Fox News did an interview with him. here’s a sample, above. ”We were on a roller coaster, exciting and thrilling, ups and downs. But the ride ends,” he told a captive Chris Wallace. “And then you get off. And it’s not like, oh, can’t we be on a roller coaster the rest of our life? It’s like, no, the ride’s over.” The full interview hits Sunday.

9:49 // 1 year ago
September 29, 2012
This criticism of the polls is craziness. I actually did some research on this today, which is more than you’ve done.
Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace • Ripping radio host Mike Gallagher for suggesting that the presidential polls, which heavily favor Obama right now, have been manipulated. Wallace goes on: “The polls tell a story… Obama is winning. And Romney has got to win the debate.” Do you think more has to be done to call out this storyline?
12:46 // 2 years ago
May 6, 2012
Trebek spoke with Wallace about one of the biggest controversies of his career: when he finally shaved off his mustache.
Mediaite’s Josh Feldman • Writing about longtime “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek, who showed up on Fox News Sunday for some reason and mentioned something about retiring soon — though he likes his job so much that he’s torn. Is there a bigger sign of how supremely uncontroversial someone is than their (admittedly famous) facial hair becoming an issue?
15:54 // 2 years ago
August 11, 2011
Newt Gingrich just turned the sabers on Chris Wallace. Wallace turned the sabers back. What’s in the water tonight? (more at DC Decoder)

Newt Gingrich just turned the sabers on Chris Wallace. Wallace turned the sabers back. What’s in the water tonight? (more at DC Decoder)

21:31 // 3 years ago
June 19, 2011

Jon Stewart on “Fox News Sunday”: Bro had to take some tough questions from Chris Wallace, who took the opportunity to dump some fairly strange clips on Stewart. Come on, what was up with the Comedy Central clip? Stewart, as always, defended himself reasonably well. We like Chris Wallace generally, but we don’t know if this was one of his better moments.

13:33 // 3 years ago
March 7, 2011

Fresh off her Supreme Court win, the lawyer for Westboro (and Fred Phelps’ daughter) was on Fox News Sunday explaining her church’s protests to Chris Wallace. (Part one is above. Part two is over here.) OK, so they won their case, but does anyone else find this booking decision to be questionable? By our quick research, she doesn’t show up on TV all that often … the only other YouTube news clip we can find of her is one from C-SPAN from October. Phelps deserves a free-speech outlet, yes, but should News Corp. be the ones to offer said outlet? (For what it’s worth, Chris Wallace is way ahead of us on this question. He says the First Amendment issues are too important to ignore. Agree?)

1:59 // 3 years ago