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August 19, 2011

whyarethegoodurlsalreadytaken says: Any idea what happened in China earlier this week with the Georgetown basketball team? I've only seen a few short clips on random blogs, no one has given any sort of context for it.

» SFB says: To put it simply, the Georgetown team was in China playing a series of “friendlies” with various teams in the country, and one of the games got out of hand. It’s a pretty common offseason thing for large college basketball teams — something of a way to give the players perspective as well as to build international relations for the universities. At one of the games earlier in the week, Joe Biden was there. Thank God he didn’t see this one. Heh. Anyway, the game itself was fairly physical, which might be part of the reason that it turned violent towards the end. But it was certainly out-of-character for the good-egg Georgetown team. Anyway, the postscript: Before Georgetown left town, the two teams made amends. Georgetown isn’t leaving China yet and will stick around for a game this weekend. That’s a good thing. Thanks for the question!

22:06 // 3 years ago